Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hero And A Lover

I am VIctor Fitz-Gerald Ochei and i think i would be described as a hero as a warrior or as a hero as a lover. I see my self a a hero as warrior because of my love for sports. I have been playing football since he fifth grade and it is one of my favorite sports. ALthough its my favorite sport it has also taught me to overcome obstacles and work hard to get where i wanna be. i see myself as a hero as a lover because i love my family and there is nothing i woudnt do for my brothers. They motivate me to work hard because if i dont work hard and set a good examplefor them they will not have any positive influence seeing how im the oldest.

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My Right Hand

Patricia Clark has been my next door neighbor since the 7th grade but has been more like a second mother to me. Every time I have had a problem in my life she has helped me out and I trust her because she has been able to relate to my problems. I recall when my parents were having marital problems since she had four children that went through the same things I was going through. Every time I need something I can always go next door and get what ever help I need. Mrs. Pati has had a major impact on my life over the past three years. Its only been three years but it feels like I have known her my whole life. Everybody in my family loves Mrs. Pati. Everyday my siblings will ask us to go to he house and play with her son Eli or the dogs. All my life I was scared of dogs and she has taught me to over come that fear. She also has convinced my parents to give me more freedom and I will never forget how many times she has got me out of trouble with my parents. She has taught me things I never learned and inspired me to become a surgeon. She has taught me to work hard if I want to succeed in life and I am glad that she moved from Oregon to my neighborhood.

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In the year of 2008 about a year to this day my aunt died. I loved my Aunt Mary Jane and she meant the world to me. When I received the news of her death I was devastated. I used to live with my aunt when my parents where having problems and she was a wonderful guardian. She didn’t have any children so took in my brother and I and treated us as if we her first children. She was sick when we lived with her but my family and I suspected her death. Her husband Christopher stood by her side in her time of need and we pray for her more than he would pray for himself. Then a few years after we moved out she adopted her first child. Her and my uncle tried for many years but after realizing that it wasn’t going to possible they adopted. I used to remember my little cousin sleeping in the hospital because her father would stay in the hospital looking after her mother. My mom used to stay up crying because she felt so bad about the situation. I have always been different since that day my mom told me.

My Personal Jester

This is Eric Gardner, my next door neighbor. I met Eric in the summer of 2008 even though he was my neighbor i really never attempted to get to know him until I started playing basketball with him at the community park. Ever since I have been hanging out with him i have been laughing and enjoying life more. Now even though we spend most of the time making fun of each other or "scoring" we have also had fun times. We have also had times where he has gotten me in trouble on numerous accounts. At the time it may seem like fun and games but every action has an outcome whether positive or negative. I remember when we walking home from the gas station and then he bet that I wouldn't be able to hit a car. at first i was thinking to myself why not but after i had hit the car and the people had chased us around the neighborhood i thought to myself once again but this time i asked why do it? so even though i had fun i also ran into trouble which wasn't worth all that i had went through that day.

My Penelope

This is my girlfriend Whitney Thomas. Even though we haven't been together that long i really enjoy being with her. I know both of us have thought about other people but i hope that we stay as faithful to each other as Penelope did for Odysseus. She inspires me to work harder for each other even though we disagree on a lot of things. She is kind, beautiful, and smart. I hope we stay together for many more months to come.